Meserani Snake Park
Welcome to Tanzania - "Arrive as stranger, leave as friend"


Oasis Overland

Thank you very much for donating $375.00 to support our Medical Clinic, your support is very much appreciated.

Ellen S. Lewis

Thanks very much for your support. Ellen collected $584 USD from her family and friends in the USA before going to the Snake Park. Extremely kind. Thanks again for your help.

Ethan Kinsey

He got bitten by a Black Spitting Cobra in his bed in the Terengire area. Ethan came to us and we treated him. He stayed a few days and then came back for follow up to the wound and he very kindly gave us a donation of US$1000. Big thanks to him and happy we were here for him.

Esti Warren

A friend who is now in SA - used to live up here who kindly donated US$1000 after reading the website.

Les and Margaret Swann

Had never even been here but heard about the clinic from friends who came on a truck and have since sent us 1000 pounds! They visited recently and will be continuing to collect for us.

Stephanie Vague from Auckland, NZ

A group of midwives from NZ came through – had heard about Meserani Snake Park from Kiroma and Tash of Africa in Touch – and they had collected from their Bowling Club and gave a really nice donation.

Jody and Kristi Kernutt and their friends

Sponsor Lilian and Neema Mrumbe (our AIDS orphan twins) to boarding school.

Meserani Snake Park would like to thank everyone who helps support the community projects in Maasai Land Tanzania.

Snake Park Orphanage Sponsor

A big thank you to Mrs D Kernutt in Eugene, Oregon for sponsoring Nolari.
Nolari is one of the orphans from the Snake Park. It is fantastic Mrs Kernutt and very much appreciated. Nolari is doing very well at school.
Donna you have a big heart.

Thank you.

African Art Online.com

Thank you to African Art Online who donates 10% of all proceeds to help the community projects in Maasai Land Tanzania.

Donation For The New Clinic

Sonnie Freauff,
Oregon, USA
Sonnie collected from friends in Hawaii donations for the new medical clinic. A big thank you and to Sonnie's friends.

Peter Swan

Deputy Head, Acklam Grange School,
Middlesborough, UK.
The kids raised money to build classrooms at Leseraai School, and now at Meserani Juu, Tanzania. What a tremendous effort from you all. Thank you so much, it means a lot for the children here to be able to attend school.

African-Nomad Safari Company

Thank you Eddie and Hayley for donating 50 bags of cement to help towards building the new clinic. It is most appreciated.

Scott Currie

Thank you very much scott for donating $200 US dollars for the projects at Meserani Snake Park. Make sure you come back soon to the park. Thanks again. It will go to great use.

Chris Harpers Story

Chris visited Meserani Snake Park back in September 2007, as part of an overland tour traveling around Africa with Kumuka. Chris was told about all the wonderful work that Lynn and Berry Bale do to help the people in Maasai Land Tanazania. So Chris decided to run the London Marathon to raise money to help the Snake Park's Orphanage.

Chris raised £1,340. Great stuff Chris.

Thank you very much from everyone here at Meserani Snake Park and thank you to everyone who supported him.

Chris Harper

Chris's Report

Job done, I surprised myself by finishing without stopping. I had only run two miles in the last month as I had various calf injuries so had to rest my legs and then tough it out. I finished in 4hrs 37mins (an hour later than originally planned when training) but am paying for it now as my legs are very sore, walking is difficult and I can only come down stairs walking backwards I should be fine soon. . And not a single blister thanks to 1000 mile socks.

It was a lovely day and really enjoyable. As well as 35,000+ runners there were thousands of supporters along the way and it was very rare that there wasn't someone cheering us on. As well as people there were lots of different musicians playing along the way including brass bands, rock groups, Japanese drummers, Caribbean steel bands and many others. And in-between these there were local radio stations and disc jockeys playing pop music using speakers that were as big as me! Very noisy!

The weather was good most of the time, nice and cool. It did rain for about 30 minutes and later we had 5 minutes of hail stones.

There were all sorts of people from all over the world running for so many different charities. I saw two wombles (as they went past me!), a pie, three Batmans, nurses, many policemen, a camel and many others.

I saw the Maasai warriors on the way round and passed them on Tower Bridge. They were very popular with the crowd.

Overall a wonderful day with so much goodwill between crowds, runners and each other; it is a shame that people can't always be like this.

My running shirt and marathon number will soon be winging their way to Tanzania where they will probably join various T shirts on display on the thatched ceiling of a lounge area in the overland camp at Messerani Snake Park.

Thanks for all those who sponsored me on behalf of the orphanage building

I hope that you find this interesting.

Running done, I now have to chase family and friends who sponsored me and get the money together, something that is often harder and more time consuming than the run!

Bye for now,
Chris Harper

Chris Harper