Meserani Snake Park
Welcome to Tanzania - "Arrive as stranger, leave as friend"

About Us

The Snake Park was established in 1993, when BJ, Lynn (Ma) and Wade Bale along with good friend Deon Naude settled in Meserani after moving up from South Africa.

Wade and Deon had been fascinated with snakes and reptiles for many years and so a reptile park on one of the busiest tourist routes in Tanzania seemed a good fit.

The Bales and Deon bought 10 acres in Meserani 25km out of Arusha, at the time there was not one blade of grass or one tree to be seen, they did however have access to water.

With this essential ingredient they set about breathing life into these otherwise dead 10 acres. The park now thrives with hundreds of trees, plants and other fauna.

The Snake Park currently provides employment for approximately 50 local people.

They support the local community in many ways, providing a free medical clinic and a home for four orphans, the park is involved in various other projects around the community, such as building knew classrooms at a local school and overseeing the running of an adult education centre.


Group Photo